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  • "...even the clients that were nervous about using the system, because they're not confident on computers, have been able to use it successfully without my help. I have had some very positive feedback so far about how easy it is to use. I am incredibly pleased already at how much time this is saving me and actually feel a bit silly that I have been putting this off for so many years. As I am a member on the Body Control Teacher Facebook page, I have read quite a few posts over the years from stressed teachers trying to set up a swap system, and get their clients to use it successfully. Reading those posts combined with my lack of confidence in my technical abilities really put me off trying to give it a go. I do feel that I have made a very good choice in software!
    I can't thank you enough for all your help in getting this set up, it's so refreshing to receive such good customer service, something that is so sadly lacking quite often these days.
    - Page Pilates 
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  • "Class Swap has been brilliant for our Pilates business. Clients have the convenience and ease of swapping classes without waiting for us to reply, so it is much quicker for them. Clients are less concerned about missing classes, and they love using Class Swap. It saves enormous amounts of time which can now be spent more productively. I am so glad we made the change! The service provided to us by Class Swap has been wonderful, as they have answered questions promptly, and assisted every step of the way as we adjusted ourselves and our clients to the system."
    - C.B. (Pilates teacher) 
  • "I have now used the (new calendar) App twice and I think it is a great idea. I found it very easy to navigate around. It clearly shows all options available for posting/taking up classes. The coloured highlighted days on the calendar work well for me, at a quick glance I can see my booked/cancelled classes etc. I can also easily add the dates to my phone diary."
    - S.R. (Pilates client) 
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  • "I was looking for a software package that would enable my 250+ clients to swap between classes without having to contact me and ClassSwap has turned out to be the perfect solution. ClassSwap were super-helpful during the trial period, answering my queries promptly and finding solutions to make the software work for me and the way I run my business. I have now been using it for 5 months and my clients love it and I love it. It is straightforward and easy to use and the customer service is second to none with queries acknowledged and problems fixed within a few hours. It has saved me lots of precious time so that I can concentrate on teaching and I now can't imagine running my business without it."
    - S.S. (Pilates Studio Manager) 
  • "The basic version is very affordable and it feels as if a huge administrative load has been removed. It literally saves me at least 1 hour every day and even more at the start of term."
    - C.N. (Pilates Studio Manager) 
  • "I am finding the re-enrol invites and invoicing system very helpful in getting people to pay on time and a lot of people just pay early when they receive the info, which is great as it saves chasing and helps me know the numbers and spaces I will have."
    - Jamie Page Pilates 
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  • "For us, it is easier to use than M***B*** (Pah!!) and it does what we want it to do, which is to enable clients to swap their classes around without bothering us so much. Customer support is awesome."
    - N.C. (Pilates Studio Manager) 
  • "It has made a real difference to our teachers time and has given greater flexibility to clients and makes paying for a term in advance more appealing."
    - L.V. (Pilates Studio Manager) 
  • " nice to use ClassSwap, I am having to use ******** in another studio and it's so unwieldy and not very easy to navigate."
    - A.W. (Pilates instructor) 
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  • "I teach at two local studios and this system keeps me fully informed. The other studio still uses paper notes pinned to a notice board!"
    - B.G. (Pilates instructor) 
  • "Your class swap is absolutely fantastic and so easy to use, thank you."
    - M.H. (Pilates client) 
  • "It is a really good system and I have spoken to several people about it (both current students and potential students). I know that people REALLY like it."
    - J.B. (Pilates client) 
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  • "Since using ClassSwap I have felt much less stressed and have more time to teach. There are occasional problems but they are addressed very quickly and thoroughly."
    - S.S. (Pilates Studio Manager) 
  • "My work has an unpredictable element to it, so I have been a fairly frequent user - and fan of - the Class swap software. Frankly, without it I doubt I could justify the cost of each term’s fee."
    - M.R. (Pilates client) 
  • "The Class swap software has buttons and functions in obvious places and is not overburdened with complicated features. It is easy to use and works in a way that would complement any Pilates business."
    - A.W. (Pilates instructor) 
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  • "Tell them [ClassSwap] not to change anything - it's brilliant just as it is!"
    - B.W. (Pilates client) 
  • "I'm finding the system easy to add classes, people etc, so no problems from my side. Whilst there is still reluctance from some clients to try something new, those who have done class swap themselves have said how easy it is to use."
    - B.S. (Pilates Studio Manager) 
  • "An excellent system and the reason that myself and others have signed up for courses where we know we will be away for some of the classes"
    - S.G. (Pilates client) 
  • "ClassSwap has allowed me to better manage my personal time, meaning that personal and work conflicts with my exercise classes can now be managed and I can approach each week calmly! It has provided a really positive change for me."
    - P.M. (Pilates client) 
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