Studio Classes Software


A bespoke software system originally written for the benefit of Pilates studios, our systems will work with ANY class-based activity (not just Pilates) where studios need to offer a class-swap facility for the benefit of their clients.


ClassSwap Essential provides you with all the tools you need to manage your class numbers and allow your clients to manage their own class swaps.

  • Clients manage their own swaps thereby releasing your time
  • Clients can only take up after they have posted and swaps have an expiry date
  • Clients can be prevented from swapping into classes that are above their ability
  • Instant email alert options for clients waiting for a post
  • Automatic email notifications sent to instructors and clients
  • For managers, our unique ClassSwap 'follow-on' facility that minimises data input on repeated courses
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ClassSwap 'Essential' fees

Monthly: £11.95 / $18 / €15.95
Annually £120.00 / $180 / €160


ClassSwap FullPack is a fully-featured Studio Management Software System that is guaranteed to save you time and money. It is both comprehensive and cost-effective.

  • All the feature of 'Essential' plus...
  • Full administrator / instructor / client people management system
  • Priority Reservation system
  • Class Waiting lists
  • Clients book courses/classes themselves
  • Optional single booking facility
  • Automated invoicing
  • Optional card payments
  • Option for clients to pay instructors directly
  • Options to rent out room space to maximise room income
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ClassSwap 'FullPack' fees

Monthly: £20.95 / $26/ €25.00
Annually: £210 / $260 / €250