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ClassSwap - "because life is too short to do admin"

42,106 successful swaps already completed!
More that 10,000 satisfied users!

Your clients can now view their appointments, cancel classes and swap into vacant places using our new 'Calendar' app.

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Our mission is to bring to Pilates studios a managament software solution that meets their unique requirements at an affordable price.
Our method is to listen to and strive to make life easier for studio managers, instructors and clients. We want you to get on with what you really want to do (i.e. teach, learn and keep fit) and not spend unnecessary time and money on admin.
ClassSwap is a bespoke Pilates software system born from the specific needs of busy Pilates studios. We are small, approachable and constantly introduce additional features at the request of our clients.

We are here to make your life easier!

ClassSwap 'Essential' Features:

The 'cancelled classes' nightmare

  • Provide a class swap policy rather than a refund policy
  • Enhance client satisfaction through added flexibility
  • Prevent lost revenue

The 'I don't know if I can commit to that' nightmare

  • Satisfy client worries about lost classes due to busy lives
  • Enhance sales through greater confidence that money will not be wasted

The 'I spend too much time on admin' nightmare

  • Save hours every week by:
  • Eliminating the burden of arranging alternative classes
  • Automated emails

ClassSwap 'FullPack' Features:

For your studio

  • Full accounting and bookings package for all users
  • Options for instructors to invoice clients directly and for studios to charge instructors commissions
  • Plus all ClassSwap 'Essential' features, and more...

For your instructors

  • Allocate priority booking reservations
  • Automatic invoices emailed when clients enrol
  • Manage bookings and accounts with their clients
  • Plus all ClassSwap 'Essential' features, and more...

For your clients

  • Book places on courses
  • Take up or cancel priority reservations
  • Receive invoices with payment details
  • Card payment or BACS
  • Plus all ClassSwap 'Essential' features

ClassSwap provides an affordable studio management and class swap software system for Pilates studios and instructors and we currently support over 10,000 swap-happy clients.

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