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ClassSwap: Essential building blocks to help your business grow

Our mission is to bring to Pilates studios a managament software solution that meets their unique requirements at an affordable price.

U.K. based ClassSwap provides affordable and easy to use software solutions for Pilates Studio managers. It saves studios a great deal of time by automating processes such as swapping classes, booking courses and sending email notifications and invoices. The system is fully featured, fully customisable and the most cost-effective solution available. Free trial period. ClassSwap clients say our customer support is 'second to none'. Options

Review from Vita Pilates: "ClassSwap is a vital part of the success of our business. Clients love being in control of re-arranging a class if they can’t make their usual one. It’s a brilliant selling point when asking clients to sign up for a whole term." Vita Pilates

Coronavirus, ClassSwap and Zoom

Zoom live-streaming courses have been successfully integrated into ClassSwap. They work in much the same way as conventional courses. Instructors and Clients will simply see a link to click on for each live Zoom class. Options for clients to swap their Zoom classes. A full guide is available after logging in.

Pre-recorded Videos. We have created a video-display infrastructure that integrates directly into your existing class structure. The main difference is that you can engage with unlimited numbers of watchers and the need to swap is no longer required. Clients can watch their videos at a time convenient to themselves. A full guide is avialable after logging in.

Time is money

Fully customisable features and settings put you in control of how you run your business.

  • Full accounting and bookings package for all users
  • Options for instructors to invoice clients directly and for studios to charge instructors commissions.
  • Optional card payment facility
  • Room sub-let options
  • Class overfill and room booking clash prevention

Review from 'Pilates: Caroline North': "The basic version is very affordable and it feels as if a huge administrative load has been removed. It literally saves me at least 1 hour every day and even more at the start of term." Pilates: Caroline North

Class, Instructor and Room Facility Bookings

Automated processes: Your members can book into courses, individual classes, and even book facilities or studios at your premises. All booking functions are fully automated and are supported by a fully featured finance module.

Review from end-user S.G. - a client of Core Control Pilates:" An excellent system and the reason that myself and others have signed up for courses where we know we will be away for some of the classes" Core Control Pilates

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Review from Suzi Staden Pilates: "I was looking for a software package that would enable my 250+ clients to swap between classes without having to contact me and ClassSwap has turned out to be the perfect solution. ClassSwap were super-helpful during the trial period, answering my queries promptly and finding solutions to make the software work for me and the way I run my business. I have now been using it for 5 months and my clients love it and I love it. It is straightforward and easy to use and the customer service is second to none with queries acknowledged and problems fixed within a few hours. It has saved me lots of precious time so that I can concentrate on teaching and I now can't imagine running my business without it." Suzi Staden Pilates

ClassSwap currently supports over 10,000 users. It is an easy-to-use, top rated and affordable studio management software system for Pilates studios, instructors and clients alike.

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