Pilates studio software and class swap management system


ClassSwap - Pilates client management, enrolment and class swap software

The nuts and bolts.

ClassSwap is an on-line Class swap and client management software system designed for Pilates studios and instructors which delivers maximum flexibility, minimal intervention and ease of use. A perfect solution for you and your clients as clients manage their own swaps releasing more time for you.

ClassSwap''FullPack' offers a full client enrolment, invoicing and account management system at minimal extra cost.


ClassSwap 'Fullpack' - a brand-new complete Pilates studio management system...


Save time and effort by enabling clients to enrol on courses themselves

  • Allocate priority booking reservations.
  • Allow clients to book onto courses and to cancel Priority Bookings themselves.
  • Send automatic notifications when clients enrol.
  • Automatic client suitability and class size management.
  • Fully integrated with ClassSwap 'Essential'.


Automated systems breathe life into invoicing and financial management.

  • Manage accounts with your instructors and clients.
  • Allow instructors to invoice clients directly and charge commissions on client bookings (optional).
  • Manage accounts with your instructors and clients.
  • Fully customisable invoices sent automatically.


You too can enjoy the benefits of ClassSwap. Find out more - it's free to register, with no commitment to purchase.

ClassSwap 'Essential' - your extra pair of hands...


ClassSwap offers unparalled flexibility and control for you and your clients:

  • Fully embedded in your web site or access via external link
  • Class manager with auto-class renewal feature
  • Upload details of your classes via xml or csv
  • Clients able to complete class swaps in just three mouse clicks
  • Simple client manager - you can even make swaps for your clients
  • Automatic email notifications of swaps and cancellations to instructors
  • Automatic email to clients for confirmation of posting and completion of swap
  • Options for clients for receive tailored alert notices of freshly posted camcellations
  • Option to include swaps into unfilled classes
  • Automatic filters ensure swaps can only be posted and taken during currect courses
  • Clients can only take up a swap if they have previously posted
  • Instructors of any class can be clients of any other class with just one stored profile
  • Clients can belong to multiple classes
  • Swap vacancies are matched to each individual client's ability
  • p.c., Mac, mobile, tablet, and Android friendly


The following features can be individually customised:

  • Class compatability table - ensures clients only see posted swaps that are suitable for them
  • Class sizes
  • Options for offering spaces in unfilled classes
  • Options for 'term-based' classes or continuously rolling classes
  • Minimum notice period for posting and take up of swaps
  • Email message content for automated emails
  • Visibility of contact details for both instructors and clients
  • Style options to enable ClassSwap to integrate seamlessly into your web site
  • Fully editable 'Follow-on Course' option where attendees current term details are copied over onto the new term course
  • Individual class dates and times can be tailored to suit your requirements for any course
  • Options to nominate administrators with limited access rights to maintain your data for you


One of the best time-saving features you will ever come across is the ClassSwap 'Follow-on'.
This handy tool allows you to copy existing course details and it's clients over into a new course for a new term.


You too can enjoy the benefits of ClassSwap. Find out more - it's free to register, with no commitment to purchase.