Class swap software for Pilates studios, instructors and clients

ClassSwap - the Pilates Class swap software


History: ClassSwap has been developed from the swap system designed for Core Control Pilates Limited in Wiltshire. It has a proven track record and is extremely popular with both instructors and clients alike. We are now pleased to offer this system to other Pilates instructors and studios.

"I teach at two local studios and this system keeps me fully informed. The other studio still uses paper notes pinned to a notice board!" - B.G. (Pilates instructor)

"Your class swap is absolutely fantastic and so easy to use, thank you." - M.H. (Pilates client)

"It is a really good system and I have spoken to several people about it (both current students and potential students). I know that people REALLY like it." - J.B. (Pilates client)

"My work has an unpredictable element to it, so I have been a fairly frequent user - and fan of - the Class swap software . Frankly, without it I doubt I could justify the cost of each term’s fee." - M.R. (Pilates client)

"The Class swap software has buttons and functions in obvious places and is not overburdened with complicated features. It is easy to use and works in a way that would compliment any pilates business." - A.W. (Pilates instructor)

"I'm finding the system easy to add classes, people etc, so no problems from my side. Whilst there is still reluctance from some clients to try something new, those who have done class swap themselves have said how easy it is to use." - B.S. (Pilates instructor)

"...they [ClassSwap] are however, an excellent system and have been the reason that myself and others have signed up for courses where we know we will be away for some of the classes" - S.G. (Pilates client)