Class swap software for Pilates studios, instructors and clients



A Class swap software system designed for Pilates instructors and studios. Available as a plugin for your website or as a stand-alone app.


It delivers maximum flexibility with zero intervention and incredible ease of use. Your clients manage their own swaps releasing more time for you.


A panel like the one below can be embedded into your website, or you can just use a simple link. Take a test drive below.


ClassSwap features in a nutshell...

Swapping classes for clients has always been a nightmare for instructors and studio managers. The time spent in dealing with clients who want to swap onto another class is both time-consuming and non-productive. We have the solution...

Here are just some of the most useful features of ClassSwap...

bullet point Studio managers / instructors control what classes clients can swap between so they are prevented from swapping into classes that are above their ability.

bullet point Clients can only swap into a class if they have posted a cancellation during the current term.

bullet point Clients can receive instant email alerts of class swap posts on courses they choose.

bullet point Details of all posts and take-ups are automatically emailed to the relevant instructor and confirmations sent to the client.

And much more...   see how it works   in detail