Class swap software for Pilates studios, instructors and clients


Pilates Studios and Instructors:
Improve your bottom line by £££'s for less than £10 per month

The 'cancelled classes' nightmare

Frustrated by loss of Revenue from class cancellations? This no longer need be the case as ClassSwap allows you to hold onto all of your revenue by offering a class swap policy rather than class refund policy!

The 'I don't know if I can commit to that' nightmare

Finding it hard to sell fixed-term memberships because clients are worried they will miss too many sessions due to their busy lives? – ClassSwap makes closing these lucrative deals simple by giving clients the confidence to know that their investment will not be wasted.

The 'I spend too much time on admin' nightmare

Struggling to fill places due to lack of time? ClassSwap software can save you hours every week by eliminating the burden of arranging alternative classes for clients who cancel and by sending automated email alerts without you being involved.



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