Client management and class swap software for Pilates studios


NEWS - Full client course booking, reservations and accounts package launched.

'FullPack' - our fully integrated booking system for clients is guaranteed to ease you workload!

ClassSwap 'FullPack' Features:

For your studio

  • Full accounting package for studios, instructors and clients
  • Allow instructors to invoice clients directly (optional) and..
  • Charge commissions on client bookings (optional)
  • Plus much, much more...

For your instructors

  • Allocate priority booking reservations
  • Send automatic invoices when clients enrol
  • Manage accounts with their clients
  • Plus much, much more...

For your clients

  • Book places on courses
  • Take up or cancel priority reservations
  • Receive invoices with payment details
  • Plus all ClassSwap 'Essential' features

ClassSwap 'Essential' Features:

The 'cancelled classes' nightmare

  • Provide a class swap policy rather than a refund policy
  • Enhance client satisfaction through added flexibility
  • Prevent lost revenue

The 'I don't know if I can commit to that' nightmare

  • Satisfy client worries about lost classes due to busy lives
  • Enhance sales through greater confidence that money will not be wasted

The 'I spend too much time on admin' nightmare

  • Save hours every week by:
  • Eliminating the burden of arranging alternative classes
  • Automated emails

Find out how the ClassSwap 'Essential' software system and
ClassSwap 'FullPack' can save you time and money!